Apostille in Ukraine

юридический перевод

Apostille of Ukrainian documents in Belarus

For the citizens of Ukraine, living in Belarus, the following legalization services of Ukrainian documents, without the necessity of personal attendance, are available at NotaBene. We accept orders by post and online, discuss over the phone or in messengers, and send ready documents by courier service across Belarus and Europe.

There is no need for you to visit our office in Minsk, let alone Ukraine — we aim to make the entire procedure as convenient as it gets:

  1. Contact us by phone +375 29 632 27 74 (you can also write to these phone numbers in messengers — Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp) or email info@notabeneby.com, describe your request, and send a scanned copy of the document that needs to be Apostilled in Ukraine. Our managers will consult you over the procedure.
  2. We will confirm whether your order can be handled, have your approval of the cost and the tentative deadline.
  3. Documents that need to be Apostilled can be brought to our Minsk office at: 220090, Minsk, Olesheva str. 1, 209.
  4. If you live in a different city, you can send documents by any courier service to our Minsk address. Along with the documents, be sure to enclose a copy of your passport, and also please indicate your contact details.
  5. Make a down payment of the amount agreed with the manager. You can do it with ERIP system or in cash or non-cash at our office.
  6. NotaBene specialists in Minsk and Kyiv will complete the necessary steps to process your order.
  7. Our team will then transfer the documents you require back to our Minsk office. We will send you a message that the work has been completed, attach a photo of the required documents, and perform their sworn translation if you request it.
  8. The only thing left is for you to pick your order. You can do this in person at our offices in Minsk or we can send your documents to your address as agreed with you.

What does the Apostille in Ukraine service embrace?

We will take care of all formalities for you — we send the documents, make an appointment at the authorities, fill out all necessary forms, pay the state fees, get Apostille stamps on all personal or corporate documents. We also deliver notarized translations of all types of documents, if you need them.

*Please note: Apostille is only placed in the country where a document is issued (for Belarusian documents — in Belarus, for Ukrainian documents — in Ukraine, etc.).

What kinds of documents are subject to Apostille?

Apostille stamps are normally placed on personal or corporate documents issued by the Ukrainian state authoritiesThe most common cases include:

  • Documents issued by civil registry offices: certificates, statements (excerpts from registers) of birth, marriage, change of surname, divorce, death, etc.
  • Notarial, judicial and other documents: statement, power of attorney, notarized translation and copy, court ruling, etc.
  • Education documents: certificate of school and university education and enclosure, diploma and enclosure

Furthermore, Apostille may be affixed to a sworn translation of a document into a foreign or the Ukrainian language to make it valid abroad.

We take all the trouble for you. Moreover, you will have your Apostille stamp a lot faster, because we almost always have booked dates and time slots for visits to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But the main thing is that you will not need to pay for a visit and stay in Ukraine!