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Unfortunately, we are unable to quote the exact cost of translation right away when it comes to texts and documents from this section. Not because we are trying to hoodwink or mislead you, though. As a rule, no two written translations are identical; therefore, they call for an individual approach. See for yourself what the cost of a translation service depends on:

1) Language combination: the less common a language, the more expensive the translation service, simply because there are fewer linguists available for translating from or into that language.

2) Document format: sometimes texts are provided in formats that cannot be edited, such as scanned copies, photos, or specialized software. Often you need to have the text recognized and converted into a format that is suitable for translation. This requires more time, hence higher translation costs.

3) The level of linguistic elaboration of a text can vary depending on the customer’s ultimate goal. Technologically, our quality assurance system \ссылка\ mandatorily includes a monolingual revision and proofreading service, but in many cases (e.g. translation of a research article \ссылка\ or pharma documentation \ссылка\), a thorough independent revision and analysis of the text in both languages is required.

4) Some categories of texts, such as fiction and marketing, require a stylistic revision by native speakers after proofreading.

5) When translating large amounts of similar documents, state-of-the-art CAT-tools \ссылка\ save our time and, therefore, your money.

6) You may need additional services, including layout in specialized programs, prepress (DTP), notarization etc. \ссылки\

7) Finally, translation and localization \ссылка\ are not the same — in the latter case, a text is brought into semantic, stylistic, and technological compliance with the original based on the specification, is tailored to the target audience, objectives, and available information toolkit. This endeavor may additionally call for marketing tools, focus groups, technical audits, etc.

Our managers will offer individual assessment of each project and give you a detailed account of all work phases, which will contribute to the total cost of translation.