In Belarus, only those translators who are registered in the Uniform State Register of Certified Translators are entitled to provide notarized translations.

Our certified translators on the staff deliver notarized translations in the most popular languages: Belarusian, Russian, English, Ukrainian, Polish, Georgian, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, French, Lithuanian, etc.

A notarized translator affixes a signature on a translation, after which a notary certifies its authenticity. This certification guarantees that a document is translated in compliance with all of the standards and requirements of national and international law and has effect abroad.

Notarized translation is serious, and not all translations can be certified by a notary due to applicable legislative requirements. There is a way out, though: we can certify a translation with our stamp (translations bearing our stamp are accepted, among others, by Belarusian tax and customs authorities). In this case, certification will be provided free of charge.

Our managers will be there to provide free detailed consultation on the notarization of translations, Apostille, and legalization of documents and choose the best, cheapest, and fastest option.