At Nota Bene, we apply a rigorous QA system to each job, which envisages, inter alia, mandatory editing by a professional editor, who is responsible for the consistency of terminology in a document delivered by several translators, compliance with glossaries, and overall adequate communication process in a foreign language.

However, the editor is not the final QA phase. After editing, each text goes through the proofreading stage, where a proofreader checks figures, dates, and formats a document while providing simple makeup to make the document look like the source text.

You can give us an editing task to ensure the linguistic perfection of a translation performed by the customer. Incidentally, this job can only be done when the source translation is of decent quality. Editing a poor text will often take more time and effort than a new translation job, and in some cases becomes an impossible challenge. In these rare cases we recommend that a customer should order a translation anew, rather than suggest that we tackle a badly written text.