Translation agency Nota Bene – but who are we?

Nota Bene is a Latin phrase that means “note well.” It works! You noted us, you’re reading this page. So far, so good! Chances are high that you need some important information translated into Russian or some other language.

That’s exactly what we’re here for:
A) You can set us this important task of yours;
B) You will definitely be happy with the result.

We specialize in technical translations, medicine and pharmaceuticals, IT products and games, as well as simultaneous interpreting.

We are linguists — translators/interpreters and editors, managers and DTP specialists, proofreaders and accountants who refer to themselves as Nota Bene Translation Agency during normal working hours. “Bureau” would seem a more appropriate word for what we do and how we do it, since “agency” envisages commissioning other people to complete projects, and that’s what we don’t normally do, as most of the jobs are done by our specialists in our offices in Belarus and Poland
No wonder: there’s hardly anyone else that is better qualified and has sufficient resources to effectively carry out our projects.
Over the 17 years of our operation we’ve made sure we engage the best specialists; however, we only charge average market fees.

For instance, we charge BYN 15 per page for translations from English into Russian. If you look hard enough, you can always find lower rates, if you don’t care too much about quality.

Well, if quality is something you do care about, especially when it comes to serious IT projects, technical translations, medical and pharmacological texts, legal documents or advertising texts, then you should know that you cannot have top quality and pay BYN 8-10 per page, the simple reason being that you need to pay the project manager, translator, editor, and DTP specialist.

The language of your corporate website, technical and legal documents, and advertising materials is an immediate indicator of your reputation and trustworthiness, so take care to make it clear, precise, and correct. If you work with Nota Bene, you can always be sure that no mistake in a translation will ever embarrass you.

See for yourselves:

  • Nota Bene is the only translation company in Belarus with an ISO 9001:2008 certified QA system. The international standard proves that only experienced specialists, not semiskilled freelancers, will be working on your project. We seek to stay up to date and make use of state-of-the-art translation memory and project management solutions.
  • Several professionals will take turns working on your project — a manager, one translator and editor (or more, where necessary), and proofreaders and DTP specialists (again, where necessary). If need be, the translation will be reviewed by our foreign workforce — professional translators who are native speakers of the target language. If you commission a translation into Czech, you’d like to have your project proofread by a Czech linguist who will make use of words and expressions to make the text “authentic” and clear to the target Czech audience. When you read a text that a foreigner has translated into Russian, you immediately feel it, don’t you?
  • At Nota Bene, it’s a lot more than written technical, medical, legal, and scientific translations, websites, and documents, notarization, and Apostille.

We dub movies, write subtitles, and create commercials in any language. If your require printed materials for a foreign exhibition, we will take care of every job you have — from writing texts in a foreign language without the intermediate translation from Russian all the way to makeup and printing — and deliver finished products to the address that you give us.

If you’re planning an event with foreign guests, we will not only find the best premises, provide sound, light, video, equipment for simultaneous interpreting and interpreters themselves, but also welcome, accommodate your guests and organize entertainments and recreation. We’ve done it many times, so don’t hesitate to set us a task! Save time, money, and your nerves.