There are two major modes of interpreting services — simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, each with its specific features and catering to various environments.

Сonsecutive interpreter

A consecutive interpreter listens to the speaker and interprets during logical pauses (i.e., consecutively). Consecutive interpreting is appropriate mostly for events with a limited number of guests, such as negotiations, workshops, news conferences, business meetings, etc.

Consecutive interpreting does not require additional equipment, which makes it more versatile and “mobile”. An interpreter can accompany you during a business trip, tour, or visit to an industrial facility.

In order for a consecutive interpreter to do their job at the top professional level, it is recommended that written materials on the subject matter of the event be provided well in advance, including presentations, texts of speeches, reports, and programs of negotiations.

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is a must for events with a large number of participants: conferences, workshops and symposiums. Simultaneous interpreters work in equipped booths and attendees use headsets to listen to the interpreter, who speaks simultaneously with the main speaker. Special equipment is required for this challenging job.

Simultaneous interpreting calls for not only the ability to highlight the key points in the original speech, linguistic excellence, flexibility to adapt to the speech rate and accent of the speaker, but also psychological stability, composure, and fast response.

Interpreting of this kind is normally carried out by several professionals who take turns interpreting every 15-30 minutes. When planning the budget of your event, please note that you will require at least two interpreters for a large-scale job.

Chuchotage, or whispering interpreting, also belongs here: an interpreter sits close to a foreign listener and interprets the main speech simultaneously with the speaker. For obvious reasons, whispering is only good for smaller groups of two or three.

Our agency guarantees absolute confidentiality and impeccable interpreting quality — both consecutive and simultaneous. Experienced interpreters work in various areas and ensure linguistic support of top level events.